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IFEA Career Network

Bringing Great People Together with Great Careers

Looking for an experienced employee to fill that vital job position? Interested in a career or wanting to advance yourself in the festivals and events field? Want to be sure that you target the top people in the festivals and events industry and ensure that your organization doesn't miss the most qualified candidate available? IFEA's Career Network can help.

With a partnership through online job board and applicant tracking system, TeamWork Online, your search base for positions and your reach to find qualified candidates has grown exponentially within the live festivals & events industry. With a reach of over 1.25 million potential candidates and educators interested in sports and live event positions, this new partnership between IFEA and TeamWork Online not only brings increased qualified candidates to your employment position, but also increased employment positions to those candidates looking for employment!

Positions range from top management positions such as CEO, Presidents and Executive Director to Special Events Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Sponsorship Sales and more. Even internship and volunteer positions can be posted! Even better, if there’s not a position posted in an area or company you’re interested in, the TeamWork Online system can notify you when something becomes available! It’s an ever expansive employment network that is constantly talking and working on your behalf!

So, don’t just sit there, if you are currently in search for a candidate, or are someone in search of employment, get started in your search today through IFEA Partner, TeamWork Online.

About TeamWork Online

TeamWork Online is an online job board/applicant tracking system software that resides on a sports organization's website to assist in recruiting and identifying the most appropriate candidate(s) for an open sports position. It is the most successful software for matching candidates to sports jobs.

As an applicant tracking system (ATS), the software automatically responds to all candidate applications. All applications are stored in a password-protected online database. Pre-screeners can be set to sort candidates who best fit the job requirements. Job posting confirmations and job expiration reminders are sent to appropriate hiring managers. A TeamWork representative reviews each job listing with each hiring manager once a week until the job has been filled.
For more information on TeamWork Online, Click Here.

Looking For Employment

For those looking for employment and would like to post their resume and be listed within the TeamWork Online network:
There is no charge to post your details when searching for employment.

Looking For Employees

For those looking to post an employment position, there is a modest annual fee involved which allows you to post as many employment/volunteer/intern positions as you’d like throughout the year. This posting will appear not only on your Organization Website, but will also be connected within TeamWork Online’s vast network of employment positions and potential candidates.
  • To post a position, or to link your Organization up with TeamWork Online for potential future positions, simply contact them directly at +1-216-360-1790.

When Your Online Reputation Counts

A positive reputation is important for everyone, but it's especially important for job seekers. Employers today are researching candidates online before extending job offers, and they want to be impressed. Gone are the days when it was enough just to not have anything negative pop up: these days, you'll need to show that you can take initiative and build a positive reputation online. They want to see positive signs that you're the right candidate, and it's up to you to put them there.

For more information and resources about maintaining your Online Reputation – Click Here.
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