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Member Benefits

What Can the IFEA Provide You?

The IFEA exists to serve the needs of our entire industry, who produce and support quality celebrations for the benefit of their respective 'communities' and all those who share our core values of excellence & quality; the sharing of experience, knowledge, creativity and best practices; and the importance of 'community' building both locally and globally. Our success lies in the success of those we serve through professional education, programming, products and resources, networking and representation.

Membership in the IFEA provides value from all directions, including invaluable contacts and cash budget savings worth many times the membership investment. The more you use them, the higher your return.

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Questions? Contact: Scott Schmader, Director of Membership & Data Management at P: +1-208-433-0950 ext: 8160 or E:

IFEA Members

Resources & Networking

With an extensive network of members, membership with the IFEA not only allows you access to this unique peer group, but also provides many resources and tools to allow you to communicate and network with them including:

  • Affinity Groups: Featuring discussion by and between some of the top professionals in our industry today, IFEA's Member Only Virtual Networking Affinity Groups provide face-to-face connections every week on Zoom to keep the networking, brainstorming and conversations going. Learn More
  • “i.e.: the business of international events” Magazine: IFEA’s quarterly e-magazine created especially for the business of international events, covers news, issues, trends and other pertinent industry information that can help keep your event on track in today’s changing world. Members are able to download full issues of the magazine, in addition to industry specific articles and columns. Learn More
  • Directory of Members: IFEA’s Membership Directory provides Members with access to a global list of peers and resources and available in two easy to use formats including our printed style version: Who Who in the Festivals & Events Industry and our Online Membership Directory.
  • Job Bank: Listing information for both job openings and job seekers, the IFEA Job Bank is a valuable resource with free job posting available to IFEA Members as part of your member benefits. Learn More
  • Career Network: Looking for a more in-depth job search/listing? Take a look at the IFEA’s Career Network, with a partnership through online job board and applicant tracking system, TeamWork Online. Member discounts available. Learn More
  • Industry News: Keeping you informed on the latest programs, resources, events and happenings at the IFEA and within the Festivals & Events Industry is a vital benefit of belonging to the IFEA. The main medium source that news is shared with our members is through email communication including the IFEA Update & Events and the IFEA Event Insider, in addition to our social media channels listed at the side of this page. Learn More
  • Industry Surveys: Providing association and industry benchmarks for our members on topics such as: Compensation & Benefits, Economic Impact, Service Support & Usage and more. Learn More
  • Industry Templates: The IFEA Template Section provides members with template examples of festival and event industry specific tools such as: how to write a contract; volunteer handbooks; operation and marketing materials and more. Learn More
  • Event Resource Marketplace is filled with industry-friendly and targeted suppliers and service providers, making it the most complete global resource for products and services in the festivals and events industry. Learn More
  • Safety & Security / Risk Management Resources: Filled with valuable security and risk management resources from the Department of Homeland Security and top security professionals around the globe, this resource page alone is worth the cost of your IFEA membership! Member Only Access.
  • Professional Programs & Services: Responding to the changing marketplace that those in our industry must now do business in, the IFEA created a menu of cost-effective, professional programs and resources such as: Economic Impact Studies; Sponsor Audit; Online Marketing Audit; Sponsor Summit and much more. IFEA Member discounts available. Learn More
  • Member Event Calendar: IFEA's Calendar of Events provides Members with easy access to find out when all IFEA's events and deadlines are in addition to other member festivals and events. Learn More
  • Virtual Trade Show: Easily preview and connect with the vendors that will be exhibiting at the annual IFEA Expo through our online Virtual Trade Show. Learn More
  • Advocacy & Media Representation: The IFEA exists to serve the needs of the festivals & events industry. We are here to represent and stand by you on multiple fronts, helping to ensure the most positive environment possible for our industry to succeeded including: providing a spokesperson on the Festivals & Industry regarding issues and hot topics that may be applicable to you and your event; and providing news and story ideas for media to focus on when covering your event.
  • Member to Member Questions: Do you have an issue you’re trying to deal with? Let us find a fellow member professional through our network of experts who can help you.
  • Global Networking Opportunities: Whether you're attending the IFEA's Annual Convention, Seminars, Trade Shows, online or offline, the networking opportunities with your peers are endless.
  • IFEA Foundation Silent & Live Auction: The IFEA Foundation's Live & Silent Auction provides you with access to many special and unique items donated by festivals, events, vendors & suppliers from around the world. Learn More
  • IFEA Logo Placement: Build credibility by aligning your organization with the top festivals, events and suppliers worldwide by posting the IFEA Member logo on your website and promotional materials.
  • Professional Industry Representation: The IFEA is able to service and represent our members and industry close to home and around the globe thanks to the important efforts and support of our global affiliates.
  • IFEA PointsMap: The IFEA, together with PointsMap, have created a dedicated map, specifically for the Festivals & Events Industry allowing you to find Festivals and events around the world. Learn More

Convention & Education

As a professional in the Festivals & Events Industry, recognizing the importance and value of continuing to sharpen your skills, grow your knowledge base and expand your professional network can mean the difference between Good and Great. At IFEA, we believe that learning never stops, and we're pleased to be able to offer a variety of ongoing opportunities to help meet your educational goals such as:

  • Online Webinars: Bringing the information right to your doorstep, we're pleased to present our Online Webinar Series. Offering online sessions hosted by industry leaders and special guests, the IFEA Webinar series covers a wide variety of topics important to your organization's success. Live presentations free to IFEA Members. All Webinars are recorded and available On-Demand. Learn More
  • Virtual Networking Affinity Groups: Featuring discussion by and between some of the top professionals in our industry today, IFEA's Virtual Networking Affinity Groups provide the face-to-face connection every month on Zoom to continue the networking, brainstorming and conversations. Topics include: Sponsorship, Art Events, Cities/CVB's, Marketing, Volunteers, Parades, Operations, CEO's & DEI. Member only benefit. Learn More
  • CFEE Professional Certification: Certification is an important step in the career track of leaders in all industries. IFEA's CFEE Certification enhances the professional stature among one’s peers and recognizes those who have gone beyond expectations to be the best that they can be. Learn More
  • Leadership 100 Retreat: In these unique times, the power of and need for the combined, creative IFEA global professional network has never been more important. If you are a top-level festival and event industry-related leader, we invite you to join us for the ‘IFEA Leadership 100 Retreat'. 100 leaders…coming together in the intimate, creativity-conducive environment provided by West Virginia’s Oglebay National Training Center and Resort, to imagine and shape the future. Learn More
  • Event Management School: Presented by two of the most respected professional associations in our industry – the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) – the Event Management School at Oglebay National Training Center in West Virginia was designed around the concept of bringing new and mid-career industry professionals together with some of the most highly respected and experienced professionals in the field, for a comprehensive educational and networking opportunity. Learn More
  • Annual Convention: The IFEA Annual Convention is the top networking event in our field, full of valuable information that can be taken home and put to immediate use in your own community. Here, professionals gather together to share ideas, experiences and opportunities that shape the successes of our common industry and individual events. Learn More
  • Annual Expo: One of the most important components of the IFEA’s Annual Convention, the IFEA Expo is the top trade show in our industry for bringing together the creative products, services and solutions of our suppliers/exhibitors, with the leadership and decision makers who call the shots for festivals and events around the world. Learn More
  • Regional / International Events: Providing you with professional development and educational opportunities right at your doorstep, allowing you to access vital and locally applicable industry information and connect you with event peers and sponsors in your own market. Learn More.
  • Professional Publications & Resources: IFEA's quarterly e-magazine "ie: the business of international events," is designed specifically with a focus on the business side of events. With up 6 or more feature articles and 10+ columns each issue, this is a very valuable resource and educational tool. Learn More.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Professional recognition by your peers can help to establish your event and take it to the next level. As the professional body for the festivals and events industry, the IFEA provides a number of awards that recognize quality, creativity, excellence, service and achievement in our business such:

  • IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards: Each year, the International Festivals & Events Association recognizes outstanding accomplishments and top quality creative, promotional, operational and community outreach programs and materials produced by festivals and events around the world, with the Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards Competition. IFEA Members also have access to view entries from previous years. Learn More.
  • IFEA World Festival & Event City Award: Recognizing those cities and markets who have openly encouraged, supported and learned from positive local environments for festivals & events, this prestigious award honors those cities and markets who successfully embrace their festivals and events. IFEA Members also have access to view entries from previous years. Learn More
  • IFEA Hall of Fame: Known as the association's most prestigious honor, the IFEA Hall of Fame recognizes those outstanding individuals who, through their exceptional work and achievements, have made a significant contribution to the Festivals and Events Industry and a profound difference in the communities they serve, both locally and internationally. Learn More.
  • IFEA Volunteer of the Year: The IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes those outstanding event volunteers whose unselfish and dedicated service to a member festival or event has made a significant difference in their community and mirrors the commitment to success in our professional ranks. Learn More.

Discounts to IFEA Programs

Membership with the IFEA not only allows you access to the many programs, services and tools that are not always offered to non-members, but you are able to access them at a reduced member rate such as:

  • Annual Convention: IFEA Members save $200 off the price of registration to the Annual Convention, over the non-member convention registration rate! Learn More
  • Annual Expo: IFEA Members save up to $300 when they register for an IFEA Expo booth during the Annual Convention, over the non-member fees. Learn More
  • Event Management School: IFEA Members save $150 off the price of registration to the Event Management School, over the non-member registration rate! Learn More
  • Online Webinars: Live presentations of the IFEA Webinars are available FREE to IFEA Members. IFEA Members save $40 per Webinar registration over the non-member fees for On-Demand Webinars. Learn More
  • IFEA Virtual Networking Affinity Groups: IFEA Members are able to access monthly Zoom calls free, as part of their member benefits. Learn More
  • CFEE Certification: IFEA Members save between $200 and $395 on CFEE Core Class registration and $100-$150 on Enrollment Fees over the non-member fees. Learn More
  • Award Entries: IFEA Members save between $35 and $125 per entry for the IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards Competition over the non-member rate. Additionally, IFEA Members save $200 on their submission for the IFEA World Festival & Event City Award entry. Learn More
  • Career Network: IFEA Members receive special pricing when posting a job position on the IFEA's Career Network, powered by Team Work Online. There is no charge to search the listings and post resumes. Learn More
  • Professional Products & Services: IFEA Members save up to $1500* over the non-member rates on many of the IFEA's Professional Products and Services. *Discount varies per Product/Service Learn More
  • Industry Surveys: IFEA Members are able to purchase the results of industry surveys at a reduced rate. Learn More
  • Reduced Advertising Rates: IFEA Members receive special reduced advertising rates when advertising in IFEA's Publications, Newsletters and online resources. Learn More

Discounts on Industry Products

IFEA uses its group buying power to secure discounted members-only pricing on a variety of products and services that can help ease bottom-line spending for your event such as:

  • Oracle NetSuite NetSuite is a unified, cloud-based business management platform helping tens of thousands of customers across the globe automate core processes and provide real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. Organizations of all sizes and across dozens of industries run on NetSuite and its applications for finance, supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, professional services, ecommerce, and more. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, or somewhere in between, NetSuite gives you the visibility, agility, and control to make the right decisions quickly. Log-In to Access

  • Fiserv / Clover Data Card Processing & Point of Sale Solutions: Save money on card processing fees and point-of-sale equipment with Fiserv and Clover, all with no statement analysis or review necessary! Top features beyond cost savings include:Speed and Reliability | Security with Flexible Payment Options | Integrated Processing Solutions | Cashless Events | Services for Events with Multiple Vendors | Short-Term Rentals | Onsite Event Support | Analytics. Log-In to Access

  • ODP Business Solutions™
    Special Offer for IFEA Members
    We know that having the right tools is essential to your success. That’s why as a member of the IFEA, you have access to discounted contract pricing on a variety of items from ODP Business Solutions™.

    Whether you’re looking for ink and toner, paper, cleaning products, office or school supplies, count on ODP Business Solutions™ to be in your corner with products from the brands you love – all in one convenient place. Remember, these discounts can be used for business, school or personal purchases. You can also extend the savings to staff, family and friends.

  • SESAC Music Licensing Discount: 15% discount on SESAC Music Licensing – one of the three legally required music licensing companies. SESAC acts as clearinghouse between the creators and owners of copyrighted music and those who wish to play this music in their facilities. SESAC offers a blanket license agreement that is recognized as the most convenient and cost effective method to obtain the required advanced authorization to perform (play) all of the copyrighted music in the vast SESAC repertory. Log-In to Access

  • Lenovo: Members of IFEA are eligible to save up to 50% off the everyday public web price of the entire line of Lenovo products, including laptops, tablets, desktops, accessories and more. Members also receive free ground shipping on all web orders and can take advantage of monthly limited-time special offers. Experience the Lenovo difference!

    For more information and easy ordering, call 1-800-426-7235 or visit

    Be sure to check the website often – special offers change frequently.
  • Membership Discount with the International Association of Event Hosts: The International Association of Event Hosts exists for representatives of international destinations to collaborate together to generate the best possible value from hosting major sporting and cultural events, and provide a voice for non-profit hosts of events. IAEH provides a platform for members to learn from the successes and challenges of major events, share knowledge and generate greater long term social and economic benefits from hosting events. Together, IAEH and IFEA share a vision for major events to be held in a more responsible, sustainable and transparent way. The Associations will be collaborating to foster best practice and support their members in achieving the best possible outcome from hosting major events. By being part of the IAEH, members show their will to engage internationally and to expand their capabilities as hosts of events that catalyse local development and regeneration. IFEA Members interested in joining IAEH will receive a 20% Discount on Membership Fees.
  • Event Impact Standards from IAEH: IFEA partner, the International Association of Event Hosts, has made their Event Impact Standards guidance report available to IFEA Members. Log-In to Access
  • WeVow Discounts: WeVow is a public promise to equip organizations and events of all sizes to build safety and trust into their cultures and give 100% clarity against sexual misconduct at events.WeVow has created a special program that will allow event organizations to protect their employees and volunteers year-round, and to gear up for shorter, selected time frames to protect and make a statement to all of those attending or working your event(s). IFEA Members who sign up in 2020 or after will receive a 50% discount on their group services fees. Log-In to Access
  • PointsMap Discounts: IFEA Members will receive a 25% discount on a PointsMap App and/or other PointsMap package for your festival or event. PointsMap is the online, interactive software that allows you to add your own POI’s to your unique app. Log-In to Access
  • Discounts: The trusted site used by 50,000 tour operators, group leaders and travel agents each month to book their small group leisure travel. IFEA festival and event members benefit from a free featured text listing and IFEA button. Cost-effective add-ons like a Book button that links directly to your ticketing portal, and video and display ad options are also available. Log-In to Access

Benefits for Vendors & Suppliers

At the IFEA, all members are considered equal and critical to the success of our industry, and vendor members have the same access to the full range of member benefits that festival and event organizations do, in addition to:

  • Online Membership Directory: Look up key contact information and utilize multiple search options to connect with other IFEA members.
  • IFEA's Membership Directory: Who's Who in the Festivals & Events Industry, provides you with access to a global list of peers and resources in an easy to use PDF format.
  • Calendar of Events: View upcoming festivals and events each month in addition to adding your own important events.
  • Event Resource Marketplace Inclusion: The place our festival and event audience turns to for their product and service searches. Vendor members receive a complimentary contact listing, with deluxe listings and advertising also available.
  • Discounts on Advertising: Advertise your product or service in IFEA publications (digital and online), promotional materials, and e-newsletters. A variety of ad sizes and frequency options are available to fit every budget.
  • Priority Expo Booth Selection: Move towards the front of the line as an IFEA member! Booth selection is done on a first come, first served basis with members having priority selection over non-members
  • Discounts on Expo Registration: The once-a-year opportunity for face-to-face interaction with IFEA’s audience at the Annual IFEA Convention & Expo. Take advantage of package discounts too.
  • Convention Attendees Mailing Lists: Communicate with IFEA Convention attendees before, during and after the event with this complimentary list available to all registered exhibitors in the IFEA Expo.
  • Virtual Trade Show Inclusion: Register for an IFEA Expo booth and receive free inclusion through year-end in our online Expo featuring exhibitor logos, links and contact information, as well as searchable categories.
  • Product/Service Promotion through Auction Donation: Show your support and promote your product all at the same time with an item donation to the IFEA Foundation’s signature event at the Annual IFEA Convention & Expo.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Connect your brand with our festivals and events audience at the most visible and far reaching levels with an opportunity customized to meet your specific business objectives.
  • Opportunity to Become a Benefit Provider: Gain recognition and build customer loyalty as one of our ‘Bottom-Line Benefit Providers’ offering exclusive benefits and savings to IFEA members.
  • Priority Referral on Inquiries: Calls and emails received by the IFEA for products and services will first be directed to member providers.

Financial Assistance

We understand that not everyone has it in their budget to be able to attend the convention or other educational seminars, which is why we offer financial assistance to those who qualify through the following programs:

  • IFEA Foundation Legacy Scholarships: Providing financial support to students, new professionals and financially challenged events allowing them to attend the IFEA Annual Convention, regional training seminars and other special programs. Learn More
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