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Writing for "ie"

Sponsor of "ie" Magazine. 


Do you have an issue, topic or trend you would like to share with the IFEA Membership? Have you ever thought about writing down those issues for IE Magazine? After all, it's articles from IFEA members like yourself that complete the pages of IE magazine and give the magazine such an important perspective. Out in the industry every day, discovering the latest trends, battling the issues and creating the latest news, IFEA members are what makes IE magazine such a valuable reference tool! So how about putting your thoughts on paper and writing an article for "ie" magazine! What better way to share your knowledge of the events industry with your peers.

Topic areas that "ie" magazine focuses on are:
  • Administration & Management
  • Human Resources - Staff and Volunteers
  • Marketing/Media
  • Non-Sponsorship Revenues
  • Operations & Risk Management
  • Sponsorship
  • Technology
We aim to make every article as educational as possible (as opposed to promotional), giving the reader valuable information that they can take away and use at their own festival or event.
  • Article length ranges from 1,800 to 2,200 words.
  • Photos/graphics/diagrams etc., are always welcome to accompany your article.
  • Be sure to include a brief 3-4 sentence bio about YOU at the end of your article along with your contact information.
  • Be sure to include a title for your article
  • For information on image specifications for articles, click here.

"i.e." Quarterly Columns

If you have a topic area you'd like to focus on and would be interested in writing a quarterly column for the IFEA's "i.e.: the business of international events," let us know! We're always looking for new and interesting column ideas. Current columns included in the magazine are:
  • Big Data Big Deal
  • The Digital Life
  • English 101
  • Everyone's Invited
  • Leadership at All Levels
  • May I Help You?
  • Turnstiles - Marketing for Event Managers
  • Safely Does It
  • So You Want to Work In Events?
  • The Sponsor Doc
  • What Keeps You Up At Night
  • The Un-Comfort Zone
  • The average word count for columns ranges between 700 - 800 words
  • Photos/graphics/diagrams etc., are always welcome to accompany your article. (See Specs)
  • Columns need a commitment of at least 4 consecutive issues (preferably 8).
  • Be sure to include a brief 3-4 sentence bio about YOU at the end of your Column along with your contact information.


View "ie" magazine deadlines here.

Questions / Before You Start Writing

If you're interested in writing an article or starting a column for "ie" magazine, please be sure to confirm your topic and the focus of your topic before you start writing, with Nia Hovde, CFEE, Vice President/Director of Marketing & Communications at +1-208-433-0950 ext: 3 or nia@ifea.com.

Content Release & Usage

By submitting an article/content, photos or images to be published in “i.e.: the business of international events” magazine, you automatically grant the IFEA the right to use any materials and/or photos for editorial, analytical, promotional or any other purpose without additional compensation or permission. Your submission of the article/photo/image to be published is acknowledgement of these terms.

Re-Use/Re-Printing/Re-Posting of Published Articles

If you would like to re-use/re-print or re-post your article or column for promotional or educational purposes, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • When printing or posting your article online (websites or social media), please provide the following text with your article: “As published in the International Festivals & Events Association’s “i.e.: the business of international events” quarterly magazine. The premier association supporting and enabling festivals and events worldwide. For more information on the IFEA, go to: www.ifea.com.”
  • If posting your article online, please include the IFEA’s logo next to your article. Please contact nia@ifea.com to obtain the logo.
  • If providing your article as a handout or referencing it – please be sure to note that it was published in the International Festivals & Events Association’s“i.e.: the business of international events” quarterly magazine and which issue it was published in.
  • If you do chose to re-use, re-print or re-post your article at anytime, please let Nia Hovde know where and when it was used, and for what purpose (or what audience) it was used for.
If you have questions on any of the above guidelines, please contact: Nia Hovde, Director of Marketing at +1-208-433-0950 ext: 3 or nia@ifea.com.
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