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Keeping you informed on the latest programs, resources, events and happenings at the IFEA and within the Festivals & Events Industry is a vital benefit of belonging to the International Festivals & Events Association. The main medium source that news is shared with our members at the IFEA is through email communication including the IFEA Update & Events and the IFEA Event Insider and our social media channels listed at the side of the page.

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About the Event Insider

Sent out every Thursday, the Event Insider is our most popular and highly read on-line information source bringing you the top reported stories from across the globe in the Festivals & Events Industry.

We hope that the IFEA Event Insider will be used as a tool to help keep you - as our industry leaders - quickly updated, aware of both the challenges and opportunities around us, and able to respond within our own organizations and events in a way that allows us to avoid potential pitfalls and leverage positive trends to our benefit. As one IFEA member commented: “If you don’t understand the good, the bad and the ugly, you cannot respond from a fully-informed position.”
Given the ongoing concerns and questions regarding the COVID-19, we will continue to use the IFEA Event Insider to provide a good representation of global news coverage, as well as access to the latest information about other important programs, government bills, et al., as they pertain to this quickly evolving global pandemic and its impact on festivals and events.
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IFEA Emails, Updates & Events

Sent out at the beginning of each month, the IFEA Update & Events is your location for the latest IFEA News, delivered right to your inbox! Stay up-to-date on the latest event trends, current issues, sponsor contacts, supplier deals, or just to exchange ideas with fellow peers in the events industry. Become a part of the IFEA today and let us be your connection to this ever expanding and ever changing international events industry.

Additional Email Communication will be sent out once a week, on an as needed basis as there is news of events, programs, or resources we'd like to make you aware of including our Annual Convention & Expo, Award Programs, Online Webinars and Programs & Services.

Be sure to add to your safe send list so you an ensure delivery of our emails to your inbox.

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