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Are You Ready To:

  • Connect with like-minded professionals?

  • Stand out in today's competitive job market?

  • Establish professional credibility?

  • Increase your earning potential?

  • Master your skills and knowledge in this industry?

Yes? Then you're ready to start your journey to become a Certified Festival & Event Executive (CFEE)!

The IFEA's CFEE Certification Program, sponsored by Kaliff Insurance, offers intensive core classes that cover Sponsorship, Non-Sponsorship Revenue, Project Management, Operations/Risk Management, Marketing & Media Relations, and Administration & Management; with an additional emphasis on industry experience, written communication, public speaking, practical application, and continued industry education.

Completing the IFEA's CFEE Certification demonstrates that you have taken the necessary steps to become a professional in the Festivals & Events Industry.

If you're ready to take your career to the next level and become a leader in the this industry, consider becoming a Certified Festival and Event Executive. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have achieved this prestigious certification and make your mark on the world of events!

Start (or finish) your IFEA CFEE Certification today and take the first step towards achieving your professional aspirations!



CFEE Prerequisites:

  1. Applicant must be enrolled in the CFEE program and have completed all requirements
  2. Applicant must have five years paid, full-time festival or event related industry experience at a professional level
  3. Applicant must be currently employed in the festival and events industry
  4. Applicant must be an active IFEA member in good standing before CFEE designation will be awarded.

CFEE Program Requirements:

All of the below components must be met and completed starting when you officially enroll in the CFEE Program with the exception of the 5 years experience.
CFEE Students must complete all components within 3 years after initial enrollment.

  1. Experience: Complete minimum of five (5) years paid, full time, direct event related experience at a professional level
  2. Membership: Maintain an IFEA Membership in good standing
  3. Publication: Write a minimum of at least one publishable article of no less than 1800 words for inclusion in IFEA’s “ie” magazine (to view examples, click here. Member only Access).
  4. Speaking Presentation: Complete a formal speaking presentation at an approved IFEA Webinar (preferred speaking option), Annual Convention, Seminar or affiliate conference.
  5. Electives: Complete four (4) elective educational courses through the IFEA Annual Convention or Live attendance at IFEA Webinar presentations.
  6. Convention Attendance: Attend a minimum of two (2) IFEA Annual Conventions or Affiliate Conventions OR a combination of LIVE virtual attendance at 20 IFEA Webinar Presentations or IFEA Virtual Affinity Groups.
  7. Core Education Classes: Complete all six core educational curriculum classes: Non-Sponsorship Revenue; Project Management; Operations/Risk Management; Marketing & Media Relations; Administration & Management; Sponsorship/ Sponsor Service
  8. Final Assessment: Complete two (2) case studies that demonstrate and explain how applicant has applied knowledge learned from core classes in the actual performance of their job.

To Complete Certification:

After completion of all program requirements, please complete the checklist linked above and submit with CFEE Certification Final Fee. (Please keep a copy of this checklist for your files and complete as you proceed through the CFEE Process.) CFEE designation will be awarded upon completion of program. Formal recognition of applicants CFEE status will be presented at the IFEA Annual Convention closest to the date of the applicant’s program completion.

CFEE Financial Investment:

All participants of the CFEE Program must pay the Enrollment Fee and Certification Fee, in addition to completing all the remaining CFEE Certification Requirements and Electives and any costs involved in order to Graduate from the CFEE Program.

CFEE Enrollment Fee:

Must be paid upon CFEE Enrollment.
  • $200 (IFEA Members)
  • $500 (Non-IFEA Members)

IFEA Membership

Must be an IFEA Member in good standing prior to receiving CFEE designation. Membership ranges from the below rates:
  • $355 - Organization budget of $50,000 or less
  • $840 - Organization budget of $50,000 to $250,000
  • $1365 - Organization budget of $250,000 to $1.5 Million
  • $1730 - Organization budget of Over $1.5 Million

CFEE Educational Credit

(Covers Electives & Convention Attendance Requirements). CFEE Educational Credit can be achieved by either:

  • Attending two (2) IFEA Annual Conventions;
  • Through a combination of LIVE virtual attendance at 24 IFEA Webinar Presentations or IFEA Virtual Affinity Groups;
  • Through a combination of one (1) IFEA Annual Convention and 12 IFEA Webinar Presentations or IFEA Virtual Affinity Groups.
Separate registration and fees associated with each option.

IFEA Convention Member Registration Rate per convention, depending on registration date:

  • $695, $795, $895 (IFEA Members)
  • $995, $1095, 1195 (Non-IFEA Members)

Virtual Educational Credit through IFEA Webinars/Virtual Affinity Groups. (Effective 2/1/2022 - must be paid by any new CFEE Enrollees prior to starting virtual programming if selecting this path.) 12 credits = 1 Convention | 24 credits = 2 Conventions.

IFEA Members
  • $200 for 12 Credits
  • $400 for 24 Credits
Non-IFEA Members
  • $400 for 12 Credits
  • $800 for 24 Credits

CFEE Core Class Fee:

CFEE Core Classes can be completed by either:

Registering for Core Classes individually, offered at the following rate per class (6 classes total)

  • $195 (IFEA Members)
  • $395 (Non-IFEA Members

Registering for ALL 6 Core Classes offered through CFEE FastTrack for the following rate for all 6 Classes:

  • $600 (IFEA Members)
  • $1295 (Non-IFEA Members)
Completing the IFEA/NRPA Event Management School at Oglebay - a 2 year program offered every January. Learn more. Yearly all-inclusive registration rates range from:
  • $2448.08 - $2448.08 (IFEA Members)
  • $2547.33 - $2748.08 (Non-IFEA Members)

CFEE Certification Fee (Final):

Must be paid before CFEE Certification can be awarded.
  • $250 (IFEA Members)
  • $550 (Non-IFEA Members)




  • Please contact Cindy Lerick, CFEE Program Coordinator, at
  • Registration Questions, please contact Kaye Campbell, CFEE, Director of Finance at

Sponsor of the CFEE Program

Kaliff believes that certified professionals are the cornerstone of a safe and successful festival and events industry.

Founded in 1917, Kaliff Insurance has served the insurance needs of the business and amusement industry for the past 86 years. In response to numerous requests for Midway Liability insurance, Kaliff Insurance established its Carnival Division in 1955. They have earned success from their clients, carriers, the community and their associates by treating them with the professionalism and respect that they deserve. Their experience and dedication to the industry will benefit your organization by providing you with service designed to take the mystery out of insurance including risk management assistance to reduce your exposure to loss and control future insurance related costs.

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