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CFEE Certification

Professional Certification is an important step in the career track of leaders in all industries. It enhances professional stature among ones peers; recognizes those who have gone beyond expectations to be the best that they can be; makes a statement to those with whom we do business; provides a leveraged position from which to negotiate and build career success; and sets higher standards for our industry. For all of these reasons, it is important that the IFEA offer a certification program.

The IFEA's Certified Festival and Event Executive (CFEE) program was founded in 1983 to provide an opportunity for industry professionals to achieve those goals. The program has evolved significantly over the years and currently has over 200 graduates.

CFEE Program Components:

  1. Core Education Curriculum: Complete six core educational curriculum courses
  2. Electives: Complete four elective courses
  3. Experience: Complete minimum of five (5) years paid, full time, direct event related experience at a professional level
  4. Membership: Maintain an IFEA Membership in good standing
  5. Convention Attendance: Attend a minimum of two (2) IFEA Annual or affiliated chapter conventions
  6. Publication: Write a minimum of at least one publishable article of no less than 1800 words for inclusion in IFEA’s “ie” magazine
  7. Speaking Presentation: Complete a formal seaking presentation at an approved IFEA Annual Convention, Seminar or affiliate conference
  8. Final Assessment: Complete two (2) case studies that demonstrate and explain how applicant has applied knowledge learned from core classes.


CFEE Enrollment Fees:
$200 (IFEA Members)
$350 (Non-IFEA Members)

Individual CFEE Core Classes:
$175 (IFEA Members)
$335 (Non-IFEA Members)

CFEE FastTrack

(Includes all 6 CFEE Core Classes - 3 offered per year):
$500 (IFEA Members)
$865 (Non-IFEA Members)

CFEE Certification Final Fee:
$250 (IFEA Members)
$350 (Non-IFEA Members)

All participants of the CFEE Program must pay the Enrollment Fee and Certification Fee, in addition to completing all the remaining CFEE Certification Requirements and Electives and any costs involved in order to Graduate from the CFEE Program.

Must be an IFEA Member at time of Graduation

Prerequisites for CFEE Certification:

  1. Applicant must be enrolled in the CFEE program and have completed all requirements
  2. Applicant must have five years paid, full-time festival or event related industry experience at a professional level
  3. Applicant must be currently employed in the festival and events industry
  4. Applicant must be an active IFEA member in good standing before CFEE designation will be awarded.

To Complete Certification:

After completion of all program requirements, please complete the checklist linked to the right and submit with CFEE Certification Final Fee. (Please keep a copy of this checklist for your files and complete as you proceed through the CFEE Process.) CFEE designation will be awarded upon completion of program. Formal recognition of applicants CFEE status will be presented at the IFEA Annual Convention closest to the date of the applicant’s program completion.


  • Please contact Cindy Lerick, CFEE Program Coordinator, Email: cindy@ifea.com.
  • Registration Questions, please contact Beth Petersen, Director of Membership at beth@ifea.com or +1-208-433-0950 ext: 816.

Graduate Testimonial

I have enjoyed being a part of the CFEE program. The courses offered practical information that I could apply to my event. This has resulted in better operations management, increased sponsorships, and greater preparation for risk management. In addition to learning this valuable information, I also made many friends from across the United States and Canada. The program and the connections I made during the CFEE process will continue to help me grow as a professional and improve my event.
Mary Margaret Satterfield, CFEE
Director of Toad Suck Daze & Events

Graduate Testimonial

Investing in the continuing education of your staff is the cornerstone of building an outstanding team. But you have to choose wisely on where to spend those resources. There is no other program specifically tailored for the Festival & Event industry that provides the best training from the best teachers in the world for such an affordable price. In just two weekends of classes, I gained invaluable insight on the core principles that help produce the most successful events in the world. I then walked off the stage with my certificate knowing that I have what it takes to make it in this industry. Through CFEE, I received the education and credentials that will serve as the foundation for the rest of my career.
Jeff English CFEE
Sr. VP of Administration/General Counsel
Kentucky Derby Festival

Kaliff Insurance, Sponsor of the CFEE Program

Kaliff believes that certified professionals are the cornerstone of a safe and successful festival and events industry.

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