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Event Management School at Oglebay National Training Center

January 17-21, 2021

Oglebay Resort & Conference Center
Wheeling, West Virginia
Oglebay Resort & Conference Center in January. 

Quality festivals and events are among the most successful tools available to communities, states, regions, and even countries to increase tourism, create powerful and memorable branding and imaging opportunities, bond people together, encourage positive media coverage, enhance economic impact, and add to the quality of lives for those who live there. On the other hand, a poorly planned, managed and executed event can have a reciprocally opposite effect.
Over time, events themselves have changed; from often informal affairs to spectacular productions, requiring new sets of skills, experience, creativity, financing, planning and leadership. As a result, event management has evolved into a business and an industry, with new demands, challenges and expectations every day; from attendees / participants; sponsors; host communities and a plethora of other partners that the success of any event depends on.

Presented by two of the most respected professional associations in our industry – the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) – the Event Management School at Oglebay National Training Center in West Virginia was designed around the concept of bringing new and mid-career industry professionals together with some of the most highly respected and experienced professionals in the field, for a comprehensive educational and networking opportunity that will cover the critical basics of successful event management and then put students in an applied-knowledge project environment to test and further what they have learned.
Students in class. 
Teachers with the Oglebay Cup. 
Celebrating after graduation! 

Year One Session Topics

  • Understanding Event Management and the Impact of Events
  • Business Plans
  • Event Budgeting and Budget Management
  • Building a Successful Volunteer Program
  • Event Administration & Legal Considerations
  • Event Operations
  • Merchandise Programs
  • Sponsorship Sales & Service
  • Marketing & Mediums
  • Food & Beverage Programs
  • Event Risk Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Ticketing, Financial Transactions & Audience Expectations
  • Building Community through Proactive Events management
  • Including Fans with Disabilities
  • Surveys, Evaluations and Economic Impact Studies
  • Open Forum Roundtable Discussions

Year Two Session Topics

  • Application of Project Management to Events
  • Designing & Controlling the Event Experience
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • What Cities Want from Event Partnerships
  • Advanced Considerations for Including Fans with Disabilities
  • Applied Sponsorship Research
  • Applied Budget Development
  • Applied Sponsorship Proposals and Follow-Up Reports
  • City Event Concept Development Project & Presentations
  • Open Forum Roundtable Discussions

Future School Dates:

  • TBA

Additional Information

Participant Insight

"This was the best School I have ever attended! This was my second at School at Olgebay but I am a learner, so this one was more for me. The presenters were OUTSTANDING! The wealth information that was shared and their willingness to share it with us, was such a blessing. I love the atmosphere of the Schools at Oglebay, where everyone is so fun to be around in the midst of this crazy world and times we are living in. Thank you so much for all you do and did, to make this AN EXPERIENCE I will always remember."
2018 Event Management School Attendee

Participant Insight

"As a Year 1 student, I was not sure what to expect but I felt compelled to share that the program absolutely exceeded my expectation. The caliber of the presenters was top-notch and the program topics offered direct application to my daily responsibilities as an event organizer. Thanks for developing this school. It has been the most intense event-specific training I have ever attended. I’m sincerely looking forward to Year 2."
Rachael Goodwin
Town of Leesburg, VA
2015 Graduate

Participant Insight

“It was informative, engaging and motivating. Every day provided an incredible opportunity to learn from the speakers and other students. I am most appreciative to have been able to meet so many leaders in the event management field and I am inspired by their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the profession. Oglebay was a great host site. Everyone there worked very hard to make sure we were all well taken care of and enjoying our stay. So glad that I was able to attend and I am looking forward to returning as a Year 2 student!"
Debe Shafer
Texas A&M University
2015 Graduate

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