Pinnacle FAQ's
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IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards
Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the below list of Frequently Asked Questions can help any question you may have on the IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards Competition.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Nia Hovde, CFEE at


Q1: Why did the Pinnacles make the switch to have everything submitted virtually?

Q2: We really don’t have to send any hard copies of our entries for judging?

Q3: Can I still send hard copies of my entries?

Q4: How do I submit my entries now?

Q5. Will my entries stay in my cart until I check out? So I can enter a few entries at a time - then hit submit to enter them all at once?


Q1: Why do you request the file names to be listed in a specific way for our entries?

Q2: What is the largest file that can be uploaded in the Online Entry Form?

Q3: What file formats are accepted?

Q4: How do we submit merchandise items?

Q5. Do you have any recommendations for getting the best photo of my merchandise items?

Q6: When submitting for category "Best Event Website" or "Best Organization Website" how do we submit it so the judges can view it when our event was taking place? By the time we submit the entry and it is judged, the event will be over and the website won't look the same.


Q1: Can I just email my entries to you?

Q2: I have my own online storage location, can I put all of my entries there and then just share a link to the master storage folder for you to find all my entries?

Q3: If I upload all my entries to an online storage location, can I just email you a list of what I’m entering?

Q4: I have a number of different files for each entry. Is that okay?

Q5: If I provide a specific link for each entry to either an online storage location, a website, social media site etc., how long should the links remain active?


Q1: If I want to enter multiple entries into the same category, how do I do that?

Q2: If I have a lot of Pinnacle entries to enter, can I enter a few at a time instead of entering them ALL at once?


Q1: I’d like to pay by check or be invoiced to pay for my Pinnacle entries, how do I do that?


Q1: Why do you have 3 deadlines now?

Q2: Please explain the eligibility period in a bit more detail.

Q3: My event was cancelled, can I still enter?

Q4: Are we able to enter the same event into multiple categories?

Q5: I’m not a member of the IFEA, am I still able to enter?

Q6: Why are categories split into different budget categories, and what are those categories?

Q7: How do I know what budget level to enter my festival/event?


Q1: On the entry form, what do I put in the field “Name of Specific Program at Your Event / Program Sponsor / Vendor?

Q2: For Categories 1 and 37-70, do I have to provide information for all of the criteria and requirements listed under the specific category?

Q3: For Categories 1 and 37-70, what if something in a specific category that is required, either does not apply to our event, or we are unable to provide the information required?

Q4: Referring to Categories 1 and 37-70, what order should I put my entry together?

Q5: Certain entries ask for our event budget or sponsor dollar information; however, we aren’t able to reveal certain elements of that information as it is not public knowledge. How can I answer the required information if I’m not able to provide it?


Q1: For category “Best Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management Plan” we want to enter the category, but we don’t want this information to be public knowledge. What do we do?


Q1: On certain entries, it says we can only provide 5 examples of supporting materials . . . how can I possibly only provide 5 examples!?

Q2: Why are there notes everywhere to “Please Proof” our entry forms?

Q3: Why do you ask for additional contacts on the entry form?


Q1: How are the Pinnacle Award Entries Judged?

Q2: How will the judges be able to judge all of the Pinnacle entries now that they’re all in digital format?

Q3: Why do you not publish the points awarded for each entry in the list of winning entries?

Q4: Who judges the Pinnacle Entries?

Q5: Why aren’t we able to know the names of the judges?

Q 6: Will entries from July 2019 to June 2022 really all be competing against each other?


Q1: On the entry form, you list shipping options for sending the awards, what is that all about?

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