Pinnacle FAQ's
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IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards
Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the below list of Frequently Asked Questions can help any question you may have on the IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards Competition.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Nia Hovde, CFEE at


Q1: Why did the Pinnacles make the switch to have everything submitted virtually?

Q2: We really don’t have to send any hard copies of our entries for judging?

Q3: Can I still send hard copies of my entries?

Q4: How do I submit my entries now?

Q5. Will my entries stay in my cart until I check out? So I can enter a few entries at a time - then hit submit to enter them all at once?


Q1: Why do you request the file names to be listed in a specific way for our entries?

Q2: What is the largest file that can be uploaded in the Online Entry Form?

Q3: What file formats are accepted?

Q4: How do we submit merchandise items?

Q5. Do you have any recommendations for getting the best photo of my merchandise items?


Q1: Can I just email my entries to you?

Q2: I have my own online storage location, can I put all of my entries there and then just share a link to the master storage folder for you to find all my entries?

Q3: If I upload all my entries to an online storage location, can I just email you a list of what I’m entering?

Q4: I have a number of different files for each entry. Is that okay?

Q5: If I provide a specific link for each entry to either an online storage location, a website, social media site etc., how long should the links remain active?


Q1: If I want to enter multiple entries into the same category, how do I do that?

Q2: If I have a lot of Pinnacle entries to enter, can I enter a few at a time instead of entering them ALL at once?


Q1: I’d like to pay by check or be invoiced to pay for my Pinnacle entries, how do I do that?


Q1: Why do you have 3 deadlines now?

Q2: Please explain the eligibility period in a bit more detail.

Q3: My event was cancelled, can I still enter?

Q4: Are we able to enter the same event into multiple categories?

Q5: I’m not a member of the IFEA, am I still able to enter?

Q6: Why are categories split into different budget categories, and what are those categories?

Q7: How do I know what budget level to enter my festival/event?


Q1: On the entry form, what do I put in the field “Name of Specific Program at Your Event / Program Sponsor / Vendor?

Q2: For Categories 1 and 37-70, do I have to provide information for all of the criteria and requirements listed under the specific category?

Q3: For Categories 1 and 37-70, what if something in a specific category that is required, either does not apply to our event, or we are unable to provide the information required?

Q4: Referring to Categories 1 and 37-70, what order should I put my entry together?

Q5: Certain entries ask for our event budget or sponsor dollar information; however, we aren’t able to reveal certain elements of that information as it is not public knowledge. How can I answer the required information if I’m not able to provide it?


Q1: For category “Best Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management Plan” we want to enter the category, but we don’t want this information to be public knowledge. What do we do?


Q1: On certain entries, it says we can only provide 5 examples of supporting materials . . . how can I possibly only provide 5 examples!?

Q2: Why are there notes everywhere to “Please Proof” our entry forms?

Q3: Why do you ask for additional contacts on the entry form?


Q1: How are the Pinnacle Award Entries Judged?

Q2: How will the judges be able to judge all of the Pinnacle entries now that they’re all in digital format?

Q3: Why do you not publish the points awarded for each entry in the list of winning entries?

Q4: Who judges the Pinnacle Entries?

Q5: Why aren’t we able to know the names of the judges?

Q 6: Will entries from July 2019 to June 2022 really all be competing against each other?


Q1: On the entry form, you list shipping options for sending the awards, what is that all about?

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