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2024 IFEA Volunteer of the Year, Sponsored by SecurEvent Solutions

It's Time To Thank Your Hard Working Volunteers!

Take a moment to think about all your hard-working volunteers that will be with your event this year, or have been with you for many years. Would your event be possible without their hard work and dedication? They all deserve to be recognized just for the fact that they're volunteering, but is there anyone who stands out above the rest; goes that extra mile to help you and your event? Someone that makes your life easier, just by volunteering to help your event! You thank your volunteers every day for all their hard work, but imagine the impact of the entire festivals and events industry coming together to honor them. After all, for all they do for your event - what's a few moments of your time to jot down a few nice things about them and submit a nomination for the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award, sponsored by SecurEvent Solutions.

Let's ensure that these extraordinary volunteers receive the acknowledgment they truly deserve.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award, sponsored by SecurEvent Solutions. Recipients will be awarded at the Annual IFEA Convention, Expo & Retreat.

About the Award:

Whether an individual acts as a volunteer administrator of an event or contributes his or her time and resources in support of a larger, multi-event organization with a paid staff, the efforts that are put forth by volunteers to our festivals and events deserve our heartiest congratulations and recognition. It is for that reason that the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award was created.

The IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes those outstanding event volunteers whose unselfish and dedicated service to a member festival or event has made a significant difference in their community and mirrors the commitment to success in our professional ranks.

Nomination Criteria:

To be eligible for consideration for the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award, the nominee shall:
  • Be a current volunteer of an IFEA member organization
  • Have provided significant enthusiasm, organizational assistance and specific expertise
  • Be a volunteer of the nominating festival or event for at least 3 years
  • Have shown initiative and leadership in his or her efforts
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Have exemplified his or her dependability
  • Have a significant depth of involvement
  • Have made a difference to the festival or event
  • Have received no remuneration for services directly associated with his or her volunteer duties

How The Winner Is Selected:

Nominators must review the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Brochure and follow all necessary requirements to complete a nomination.
Once nominations have been received, the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Committee, comprised of members of the IFEA World Board of Directors, will review all nominations and select the Volunteer of the Year winner from all of the candidates submitted.

Volunteer nominations submitted from previous years may be carried over into the current year's competition with the permission of the nominator. The nominator will have the option to re-write the nomination if desired.

Honoring the Winner:

The winner of the IFEA Volunteer of the Year award will be honored at the Annual IFEA Convention & Expo at the IFEA Awards Luncheon. As the guest of the IFEA the winner will receive an all expense* paid trip to the Convention to accept their award. Additionally, the winner will be promoted through local and national media releases, be featured in an issue of “ie” magazine, on the IFEA Website and in email promotions.
*Includes 2 nights hotel, airfare and Convention registration.

Each semi-finalist will be highlighted in an upcoming issue of “ie” magazine.

2024 Nomination Deadline

5:00 p.m. MDT, Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Accepting Nominations

If you would like to submit a nomination, we are happy to accept it at any time. All nomination selections and inductions into the IFEA Hall of Fame will take place at the next Annual IFEA Convention & Expo.


For questions on any of the IFEA Awards Programs, contact: Nia Hovde, CFEE, Vice President/Director of Marketing & Communications, at Email: nia@ifea.com

Sponsored by SecurEvent Solutions

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The IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award is sponsored by SecurEvent Solutions. The cross-over between security services and event volunteers is integral to ensuring the smooth and safe operation of any event. While security services provide professional expertise in safeguarding attendees and assets, volunteers play a crucial role in supporting various logistical and operational aspects of the event. Together, they form a cohesive team dedicated to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for all attendees. The collaboration between security services and volunteers highlights the importance of community engagement and cooperation in fostering a positive event experience. Sponsoring the IFEA Volunteer of the Year Award demonstrates a commitment to recognizing the significance of volunteers and bolstering the mission of each event through active support. For more information on SecurEvent Solutions, go to: www.secureventsolutions.com

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