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Annual IFEA Convention

Media Toolkit

Help Us Spread the News!

Are you ready to make this year's IFEA Convention into the most dynamic and captivating gathering of industry professionals to date? We need your help! Join us in attracting even more festival and event industry professionals to the Convention, by:


Presenting Sponsor of the IFEA Convention & Expo.


The greater the number of individuals aware of the IFEA Annual Convention & Expo, presented by atVenu, the more potential attendees we can attract. Can you help us spread the news across your social media platforms and share the importance of attending the IFEA Convention?

Let your peers in the festival and event industry know how enthusiastic you are about attending this essential event and encourage them to join you!


Who are the festival and event industry professionals you've been eagerly anticipating connecting with? The IFEA Annual Convention & Expo, presented by atVenu offers the ideal platform to meet them.

Extend personalized invitations to those industry peers who inspire you, challenge your thinking, or possess valuable knowledge you'd love to tap into. Ensure that they don't miss out on this must-attend Convention by sharing all the details!


When sharing information about the Convention on your social channels, consider tagging the individuals or organizations you wish to connect with. Spark conversations, pose questions, and express your enthusiasm for meeting them this September 29-October 1 in Pittsburgh, PA! Engage with their posts and leave a lasting impression. Help us create a powerful online presence leading up to the Convention!

This is Your Convention!

Seize the opportunity to shape the make-up of your fellow attendees!

Together, let's create an unforgettable experience that will inspire and energize attendees and create a lasting impact that extends far beyond the Convention itself!

Copy one of the below Social Media posts and images and share them on your own social channels.

Copy a post in its entirety or tweak it to make it your own! To save an image, just right click and save!

Convention Social Posts


I can’t want to catch up with everyone! Join me in Pittsburgh, PA for the IFEA Convention & Expo this Sept 29-Oct 1. Learn More here: #IFEA2024


I just registered for the IFEA Convention & Expo this Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2024 in Pittsburgh, PA! I can’t wait to see everyone! Will you be there? Learn More here: #IFEA2024


We’ve chatted on Zoom, but there's nothing like connecting in-person! I'll be at the IFEA Annual Convention & Expo, presented by atVenu this Sept 29-Oct 1 in Pittsburgh, PA! Will you join me there? Learn More: #IFEA2024


If you’re part of the Festivals & Events Industry, the IFEA Convention & Expo is THE place to network with peers & catch up on education! Join me in Pittsburgh, PA this Sept 29 - Oct 1! Learn More: #IFEA2024


Who will I see at the IFEA Hospitality Suite in Pittsburgh? I can’t wait to catch up AND attend a fabulous convention at the same time! Details: #IFEA2024

Convention Hashtags:

#IFEA2024 #IFEAConvention #IFEAWorld #IFEAFoundation #Pittsburgh #EventManagement #Festivals #Events #FestivalsAndEvents #EventIndustry #EventEducation #EventNetworking #NetworkingOpportunity #ProfessionalDevelopment #atVenu

Expo Social Posts


If you’re looking to find the latest products and services needed and used at Festivals & Events, be sure to check out the IFEA Expo, this Sept 30 and Oct 1 in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve found so many great products for my event there! See who will be there at: #IFEA2024


If you’re looking to learn more about XYZ Product, come and visit us at Booth #__ at the IFEA Expo this Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2024 in Pittsburgh, PA. We can’t wait to share more about what we do and how we can help your event! Learn more about the IFEA Convention & Expo here: #IFEA2024


I'm exhibiting at the IFEA Expo this year in Pittsburgh, PA - Sept 30 - Oct 1! Will I see you there? Learn more about the IFEA Convention & Expo here: #IFEA2024

Images to go with your Social Media Post

Just click on the image you'd like to use, then right click to "Save As" to your files. Then use on your own social posts to help spread the word about the Convention!
If you need an image in a different size or format, please contact Craig Sarton, IFEA Creative Director at

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