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Recertification Requirements

As an executive involved in the profession, you will have no difficulty maintaining your certification. Since 2003, recertification is required every five years. To recertify, you must fulfill the requirements listed below and submit a completed Recertification Report Form in the fifth year after your original date of certification. Once you reach age 55, you are a CFEE for life. There is no separate charge for recertification, with the exception of any fees related to attending the required conventions and courses.

CFEE re-certification will be required every five years. The requirements are as follows:
  • You must show recorded proof of continued active professional employment in a directly related industry position.
  • You must be an IFEA member in good standing.
  • You must have attended a minimum of two (2) IFEA annual conventions or affiliated chapter conferences (including international) within the three years prior to recertification. Certificates of Attendance will be available for those needing proof of this component.
  • You must successfully complete a minimum of one (1) CFEE Core Curriculum class or three (3) IFEA Webinars in the five years prior to re-certification. Certificates of Completion will be provided as proof of attendance. Courses offered by our affiliated chapters and approved educational institution/professional organization partners may sometimes be substitued for these classes/webinars, but must be approved in advance by the IFEA Academy of Event Education. Publication of an article in IFEA's i.e. magazine may be substituted for one of the Core Curriculum classes. Article topics must be approved in advance by the "i.e." editorial staff.
  • Upon reaching the age of fifty-five (55) or upon retirement from the industry, a certified professional will be considered certified for life. No further courses or record keeping will be required, except to notify the IFEA staff of the meeting of those requirements. For these certified professionals who remain active in the industry after age fifty-five, we encourage the continuation of professional development throughout their career. A copy of a state issued drivers license, identification card or birth certificate is required.


  • Please contact Cindy Lerick, CFEE Program Coordinator - Email:
  • Registration Questions, please contact Kaye Campbell, CFEE, Director of Finance at: Phone: +1-208-433-0950 Ext: 8150 or Email:

The CFEE Certification Program is Sponsored by Kaliff Insurance. 
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