Fund for the Future
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Fund for the Future

Help Us Reach Our Goals Today!

The “Fund for the Future” is a joint fundraising effort by the combined IFEA Foundation and IFEA World Board of Directors.

For 66 years the IFEA has served as the pivotal hub for our industry’s professional global network, providing ongoing support through quality education and training, media representation, industry advocacy, up-to-date information on current issues and trends, and affordable access to the latest products, services and resources that we all need to succeed. Today, that role has never been more important or critical.

The world around us has certainly changed, as we all work to maneuver our organizations carefully through the current maze of ongoing global economic fluctuations, health care and employment policy variations, risk management concerns, sponsorship challenges, evolving municipal relationships, and more. More events than ever are looking for new answers, best practices, cost-effective services and professional support; support that the IFEA has dependably provided for over six decades.

“In Times of Uncertainty, Leadership and Vision are Priceless.”
Recognizing the importance of the role that we play, the IFEA World and IFEA Foundation Boards, working together, have chosen to use the current market environment and changing times as an opportunity and motivator to strengthen our own programs and to ensure that the IFEA will continue to lead, serve and support our industry, especially when it is in need, for many years to come. That includes building protections against current and future economic realities and keeping pace with new technologies that will allow us to expand our services, programming and networking reach around the world.
Creation of a permanent $250,000 Working Capital Fund. This important new fund will be set up as an interest-bearing operating fund that is accessible by the IFEA throughout the year, allowing the association to borrow from itself during cyclical slow-periods, replacing/augmenting bank lines-of-credit and the fees and high interest rates that come with those. All use of dollars borrowed from the Working Capital Fund will be paid back by the end of each fiscal year or by a date determined by the Board of Directors. The fund will serve multiple benefits:
  • In the long-term, it will remove any concerns for maintaining a bank line-of-credit in uncertain economic climates, as we have all experienced in the last decade with the national and global banking crisis and other market volatilities;
  • It will eliminate / reduce the high interest rates of using bank credit, which can cost the association thousands of dollars each year; monies which can be used to support other critical programs instead;
  • The Working Capital Fund will serve as an asset to the association, increasing the net equity and financial position of the organization;
  • It will insure our long-term financial stability, with an eye on the future.

Of course, any vision for the future will require that we keep up with the expectations and needs of those in our industry. We cannot afford to fall behind, especially in the area of new technology. $50,000 (initially) of the “Fund for the Future” will be earmarked to keep the organization current and viable in its abilities to communicate with and serve those in the industry, worldwide, including (but not limited to):

  • Replacement of the IFEA’s internal hardware/software and database management system to ensure both high-functionality and information protection;
  • Addition of enhanced web-based technologies to allow for on-line video communications and streaming, continuing education training, member communications globally, web-based Board and Committee meetings (reducing travel expenses and increasing outreach, inclusion and productivity) and increased provision of global programs; and
  • Replacement of outdated office equipment (copiers, printers, scanners, fax, etc.).

Creation of a $200,000 Emergency Reserve Fund to protect against the unexpected economic impact on outside partners, members and resources that cannot be easily replaced (i.e., sudden or unexpected loss of high-level sponsors; outside impacts on convention attendance such as experienced following 9/11 or by IFEA Europe due to the volcanic ash from Iceland; etc.). These funds will be kept in an interest-bearing account until approved for a specifically-defined need by the Board of Directors, with a plan and timeframe for replenishment if funds are depleted beyond the original $200,000 level, once established. Further benefits include:

  • Added stability knowing that the organization can weather an unexpected emergency without damaging the daily operations of the association;
  • Opportunities to build the foundations for a larger endowment fund, using the Emergency Reserve Fund as a base;
  • Providing a financial base of strength that speaks to future partners and associates who share our visions.
The IFEA and IFEA Foundation Boards have secured 100% participation by both Boards and IFEA Staff Leadership in support of the “Fund for the Future.”

Donation Process:
Whether you would like to make a donation online or send a check via fax or postal mail, please use one of the two donation forms linked below. Be sure to make checks out to the IFEA Foundation (a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit Organization), to ensure the tax-deductibility of your donation.

Donors to the “Fund for the Future” Campaign will receive recognition (designed by level of giving) by the IFEA and IFEA Foundation, on-line, in-print and on-site at all future IFEA Conventions.

Individual donations or commitments to raise at least $10,000 toward the “Fund for the Future” will be recognized with a permanent, named IFEA Legacy Scholarship, providing annual scholarship opportunities for IFEA Convention attendance, or CFEE Professional Certification training, to applicants meeting predefined criteria.

The “Fund for the Future” Campaign is a separate fund-raising effort from the annual IFEA Foundation Auction, whose purpose is to help raise monies to support IFEA’s educational and professional programs that are a part of the regular annual budget.

The goal of the “Fund for the Future” is to raise a total of $500,000 in support of the IFEA and its educational programs mission. We appreciate the important support of all those who have given/pledged to-date and encourage everyone with a tie (direct or indirect) to our common global industry to consider a gift toward this important effort.
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