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2024 IFEA Advertising Contract (Member)

This online form will serve as your Advertising Contract with the IFEA. The IFEA agrees to provide the advertising indicated on the order form below, in accordance with your acceptance of the following:

  • Advertiser will supply the IFEA with artwork according to the specifications described.
  • All changes, additions or deletions will not be considered agreed to or binding to the other unless such modifications have been either initialed or approved in writing by both parties.
  • The IFEA shall have no liability for failure to execute this advertising contract because of governmental restrictions, acts of God, accidents, fires, internet outages or any other causes beyond the IFEA's control that would affect production or distribution.
  • The IFEA does not warrant that the functions contained in the website or the operation of web pages will be uninterrupted or error free.
  • The submission of this contract indicates acceptance and shall not be modified or amended except in writing and signed by both parties.
  • IFEA maintains all rights to the scheduling of advertising.


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Our flagship, quarterly digital publication. Prices are per issue and the greater the frequency, the better the price.

First Views
First Views (first 7 pages) - 1 Issue (M)
First Views (first 7 pages) - 2 Issues (M)
FIrst Views (first 7 pages) - 4 Issues (M)
Back Page
Back Page - 1 Issue (M)
Back Page - 2 Issues (M)
Back Page - 4 Issues (M)
Full Page
Full Page - 1 Issue (M)
Full Page - 2 Issues (M)
Full Page - 4 Issues (M)
1/2 Page
1/2 Page - 1 Issue (M)
1/2 Page - 2 Issues (M)
1/2 Page - 4 Issues (M)
1/4 Page
1/4 Page - 1 Issue (M)
1/4 Page - 2 Issues (M)
1/4 Page - 4 Issues (M)


A monthly digital association news brief. Reaching a diverse audience of professionals in the events and festivals industry, this publication reaches 2,200 members, with an additional 5,700 non-members who receive our email communication.
3 Issues
3 Issues - IFEA Update & News Banner Ad (M)
A monthly digital association news brief.


Elevate your marketing strategy by delivering a laser-focused message directly to your desired audience’s inboxes.
One Time Target Email Blast (M)



A print publication distributed at the annual IFEA Convention, Expo & Retreat.
Convention Program Prime Tab Full Page Color (M)
Convention Program Prime Tab 1/2 Page Color (M)
Convention Program Full Page B&W (M)
Convention Program 1/2 Page B&W (M)
Convention Program 1/4 Page B&W (M)


Bags are distributed at the annual IFEA Convention, Expo & Retreat.
Convention Attendee Bag Insert (Single Promotional Item) (M)

"Fund for the Future" Campaign Donation

“Fund for the Future” is a joint fund-raising campaign of the IFEA Foundation and IFEA World Board of Directors to strengthen IFEA programs and ensure that the IFEA will continue to lead, serve and support our industry, for many years to come. For more details about the IFEA Foundation /“Fund for the Future Campaign, Click Here.

IFEA "Fund for the Future" Donation Amount
IFEA Fund for the Future Donation - $25
IFEA Fund for the Future Donation - $50
IFEA Fund for the Future Donation - $100
IFEA Fund for the Future Donation - $150


For more information please contact:

Carrie Ring, CFEE
Director of Partnerships & Programs
PH: +1-208-433-0950 ext: 8120
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