Danshig Naadam
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Danshig Naadam

Date: Aug 05 - Aug 07, 2021
The danshig Naadam is one of the biggest and ancient religious and cultural festivals of Mongolia. Originally, danshig is related to the enthronement ceremony of His Holiness Zanabazar, the spiritual head of the mongolian Buddhism and also a direct descendant of Great Chinggis Khan. The word danshig can be translated to 'Form existence'. During the festival many events are held, most notably the "Khuree Tsam Dance" - one of the five major subjects of Buddhism - Choreography. The tsam dance which is the perfect combination of song, dance, music, decorative art, and folk arts hold various types of ritual objects and wearing mask indicating their respective roles and perform various motion of hands, legs and body. Also, visitors can see horse race and Mongolian traditional wrestling during the ceremony.
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