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Frankenmuth Dog Bowl

Date: Aug 14 - Aug 16, 2020
Everyone is guaranteed a tail waggin’ good time at Frankenmuth Dog Bowl! Started in 2008, Dog Bowl is a high-energy event that showcases dogs at their best – whether they are running, jumping, diving or retrieving. With over 25 fun activities, you are sure to find something Fido and the entire family will enjoy!
The festival is part of Frankenmuth Dog Bowl, Inc. – a nonprofit organization that advocates for responsible pet ownership through educational programs and world-class events like the annual Dog Bowl! The nonprofit supports charitable endeavors such as police canine training programs to promote safer communities, defraying medical and adoption costs for families in need, and funding pet-related military and service organizations.
Our team is committed to the goal of being a recognized source of knowledge and entertainment for dogs and the people they love – you won’t want to miss all the new and exciting things happening at Frankenmuth Dog Bowl!
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