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Professional Products & Services

Responding to the changing marketplace that those in our industry must now do business in, the IFEA has created a menu of cost-effective new programs and resources that can help your event or organization succeed even in turbulent times.
Take a moment to consider how you could maximize your return by using the following IFEA professional products and services.

Training Presentations

Continued education and learning is the cornerstone of any successful event, but the cost to bring your entire staff and key volunteers to multiple training events can be prohibitive. Let the IFEA bring its educational offerings straight to your front door with its line of educational workshops and presentations.
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On-Site Consultation/Project Teams

Whether you are a community looking to create an all-new event; a tourism bureau or organization looking for guidance on policy creation or fulfillment; an event looking to upgrade your children's area or add a parade; a board looking to turn-around a faltering event; or any other unique need that you may have; the IFEA can put together a customized and cost-effective team of leading industry experts to meet your needs.
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Sponsorship Audit

With IFEA’s Sponsorship Audit, an IFEA sponsorship expert will spend a full day with you, on site, analyzing and evaluating your available sponsorship opportunities, your sponsorship sales materials, your property assets and all aspects of your sponsorship program and processes to ascertain where it is working for you, where and how it can be improved, and how it could ultimately provide greater impact on your bottom-line.
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Economic Impact Studies -- New Format!

Do you and your community understand the value of your event, festival or program? Let us help you make fundraising easier, strengthen partnerships, and enhance operations with an industry credible and cost effective economic impact analysis.
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Safety Audited Event Program

In the new world of event safety and security concerns that we find ourselves operating in every day, proactively covering all of the bases to protect your attendees and your stakeholders, their families, their communities, their own reputations and their peace-of-mind, is simply professional common sense. Assuring them that you have done so is where we come in.

The International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA World), the premier association supporting and enabling festival and event professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce our all new Safety Audited Event program.
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Sponsor Summits

In uncertain times, only the strongest business relationships survive. Strengthen the partnerships you have built with your festival's sponsors by hosting an IFEA Sponsor Summit.
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Materials Review

Event planners face constant deadlines to sell sponsorships, direct operations, conduct marketing campaigns, inspire volunteers and manage budgets, leaving little time for the creative process. IFEA's new Materials Review service offers you that fresh perspective by conducting a professional peer review of any materials or programs that you may be developing.
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Phone Consultation

Membership in IFEA has always meant that help is only a phone call away and our new Phone Consultation Service is broadening the scope of on-demand expertise available to you. IFEA has assembled a team of leading event specialists that are available to provide advanced phone consulting for virtually any need you may have.
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Professional Facilitation Services

Would you like your festival/event/organization to… Achieve organizational clarity? Define actionable priorities? Create a sustainable strategic vision? Build better partnerships and enhance teamwork? If you answered yes to any of these questions then your event is a star candidate for IFEA's Professional Facilitation Service! Let the IFEA provide a trained facilitator for your next board retreat, community visioning exercise or team-building event.
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Contact Carrie Ring, CFEE, Director of Partnerships & Programs at: Phone: +1-208-433-0950 Ext: 8120 or Email:
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