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As we receive information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), industry responses and financial resources available to the Festivals & Events Industry, we will continue to share them on this page for our members. If you know of any resources that should be shared with your Festival & Event Industry peers, please email them to Nia Hovde, CFEE at nia@ifea.com. (Please list the Subject as: "Industry Resources for Website".) We thank you in advance for helping us, and all your peers, stay up to date on the latest news and resources available.

IFEA Announcements

IFEA Resources

IFEA Event Insider

The Event Insider is our most popular and highly read on-line information source bringing you the top reported stories from across the globe in the Festivals & Events Industry.
Given the ongoing concerns and questions regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we will continue to use the IFEA Event Insider to provide a good representation of global news coverage, as well as access to the latest information about other important programs, government bills, et al., as they pertain to this quickly evolving global pandemic and its impact on festivals and events.


IFEA COVID-19 Task Force

During this time of unimaginable challenges, as all global industries and communities face a truly unknown and unpredictable future as the result of the COVID-19 virus, and particularly its impact on mass gatherings, the IFEA believes that it is in the best interest of our events, to begin looking forward with a positive reimagining of festivals and other large, public, community events.

To drive our thought and creative process, we have created four initial committees that will make up the IFEA COVID-19 Task Force to take us through the recovery process. Each are headed by industry leaders who will coordinate calls, conversations, research, brainstorming and the presentation of end-results to IFEA Members once complete.
Committees began meeting the Week of July 20th, 2020.
(Must be an IFEA Member to participate in the Task Force).

Industry Surveys

IFEA Festival & Event Cancellation Survey

In an effort to gauge the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on our IFEA Festival & Event Members, please complete the below industry survey.


IFEA COVID-19 Webinar Series

IFEA is pleased to host a weekly COVID-19 Webinar,” featuring an open and first-hand discussion by and between some of the top professionals in our industry today. Join us every other Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. MDT to listen-in on these valuable discussions that are sure to provide a combination of empathy and understanding; awareness of potential action steps that your organization may want to take or consider; and new insights into any officially provided direction /programs by government and health officials.


IFEA Virtual Affinity Groups

Stay Connected When You Can’t Connect in Person Through IFEA's Virtual Affinity Groups!

Featuring discussion by and between some of the top professionals in our industry today, IFEA's Virtual Affinity Groups provide a platform to keep the connections, brainstorming and networking going. When solutions cannot be listed, templated or easily provided, the power of sharing and networking between professional peers become our most valuable and trusted resources. Join us to listen-in, and/or participate-in, on these valuable discussions.

IFEA COVID-19 Facebook Affinity Group

In addition to our other IFEA Facebook Affinity Groups, we have created one specifically for discussions pertaining to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as an outlet for those wishing to exchange ideas, thoughts, information and more about the effects, impact and ramifications of COVID-19 on your event and the Festivals & Events Industry as a whole with your fellow industry peers.
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Join the IFEA Today!

Take a moment now, to join the IFEA.We are all STRONGER when we work TOGETHER.

We know that financial resources may be tight at this time as well, and we’d like to help out with that. IFEA Membership is currently 40% OFF! We invite you to take a look at those discounted rates and additional details through the ‘Learn More | Join Today' link below.

If you have any questions at all about Membership with the IFEA, please don’t hesitate to contact, Beth Petersen, IFEA Director of Membership at: Email: beth@ifea.com | Phone: 208-433-0950 Ext: 8160


Share Your Story in "ie" Magazine

"ie" Magazine is looking for articles from YOU on how you are tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic at your Festival/Event and also how our Vendors are refocusing their resources to help with the COVID-19 logistics.
Although it is an absolutely crazy time at the moment and everything is changing every day, once we are through all this (and we will get through all this!) it will of course be a fascinating learning experience which we’d love to document in “ie” Magazine. Although we are all in the thick of things at the moment, if anyone has an interest in sharing their stories, we’re dedicating the entire April issue of “ie” Magazine to the Coronavirus and the impact it has had on the Festivals & Events Industry.

Did you cancel/postpone your event? Did you come up with creative alternatives or change things up to still hold part of your event? Did you go virtual? Did you refocus your efforts and resources to help with logistical efforts to help the COVID-19 response? We want to hear your story!

You could share a play by play of how things happened at your event leading to either postponing your event or the unfortunate cancellation. Or perhaps you want to focus on an educational article focusing on the impact COVID-19 has had on a specific area of your event to help others in the same situation as you (think: Sponsorship/Marketing/Ticketing/Entertainment/Volunteers/Operations/PR etc.) Perhaps you’d like to write an observational article, an inspirational article, a motivational article - your choice! We know you have all gone to herculean efforts during this time. We want to acknowledge that and share your story in “ie” Magazine.

Article Details:

  • No more than 2200 words.
  • No more than 3 images with each article submitted as jpg/png. (Please make sure you have the rights to the images.)
  • Please include a title for your article and a 3-5 sentence “About the Author” paragraph at the end of the article.
  • Deadline for Articles: Monday, September 14, 2020
Festivals & Events: Please send your articles to Nia Hovde, CFEE, Vice President/Director of Marketing & Communications at nia@ifea.com.

Vendors: Please send your articles to Kaye Campbell, CFEE, Director of Partnerships & Programs at kaye@ifea.com.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Resources

COVID-19 Dashboards

World Health Organization (WHO) Resources

US Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Risk Assessment

USA Resources

International Resources

COVID-19 Reopening Guides

Revenue Generating Event Ideas

Financial Resources

Industry Response Resources

Creative Response Resources

How the Global Pandemic will Change How We Organize Culinary Events, Fairs and Farmer’s Markets

Listen to the World Food Travel Association’s June 2020 episode of Food Travel Talk TV where we talk about what effects the COVID-19 pandemic will have on how organizers produce, and how consumers experience, future culinary events, festivals and fairs, and farmers markets? Guests included: Lucy Charles, Director, Events & Operations, London Borough Market (London, UK) Mike McCloud, President/Founder, World Food Championships (USA) Lionel Chee, Owner, Culinary Culture Concepts Events & Training and Owner, Casa Bom Vento Express Hawker Stand (Singapore) Steven Wood Schmader, President & CEO, International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA)(USA)


Resources from IFEA Vendor Members


Surveying over 2,000 regular attendees to sports events, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, and business conferences, this not-for-profit initiative will assist event organizers and stakeholders of all sizes to prepare for the global return to live events. Full results of this research will be made available FREE to IFEA members and will uncover the “new normal” of events, including timelines and motivation to return, opinions on precautionary measures, travel intentions, plus information for sponsors and governments.

Below are some of their preliminary results. Follow our social media sites as we post more preliminary results as soon as we receive them.
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