Not Receiving IFEA Communications?
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Not Receiving IFEA Communications?

Not Receiving Email Communication from the IFEA?

Keeping you informed on the latest programs, resources, events and happenings at the IFEA and within the Festivals & Events Industry is a vital benefit of belonging to the International Festivals & Events Association. The main medium source that news is shared with our members at the IFEA is through email communication. If you are not receiving emails from the IFEA and you would like to, there are a few things you can do.
  1. Check with the IFEA that we have the correct email address for you. (Contact Beth Petersen, Director of Membership at: or +1-208-433-0950 ext: 8160) We are unable to send to emails such as info@; admin@; sales@ - so be sure to provide an email that will go to a specific person.
  2. Be sure to add the following email addresses to your safe send list: or (or anything ending in this will hopefully ensure delivery of our emails to your inbox and not your junk mail.
  3. Resubscribe to the Mailing List: If you're still not receiving our emails, you may have accidentally at some point, unsubscribed from our email communications program (Constant Contact). If that is the case, only you can "re-subscribe" yourself! It's easy to do. Just Click Here and enter your contact information on the page entitled "Sign Up for Our Newsletter and/or Membership Information." That will let our communication program know you are ready to receive emails again.
  4. Receiving the IFEA's Event Insider. This publication is sent via a different email server. In order to ensure deliver of the Event Insider to your inbox, please make sure is in your safe send list. If you are not receiving the IFEA's Event Insider, you may have accidentally unsubscribed. Just Click Here to enter your contact information and re-subscribe to this specific newsletter.
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