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Help a Fellow IFEA Member - Make a Donation to the

IFEA Member-Fund-A-Member Campaign Today!

As a member of the IFEA, you understand, better than anyone, the value of having access to important resource materials, educational opportunities, up-to-date information, and a critical network of like-minded industry professionals at your fingertips. A network that you can count on to share ideas, ask for advice and, in times like these, ask for help.

Over the past year, a number of valuable and long-standing members within the IFEA Membership, have had to make the difficult financial decision not to renew their IFEA Membership and, by doing so, have lost access to those many important resources and opportunities to connect with their professional peers.

Now, more than ever, every niche of the Festivals & Events industry including Festivals, Events, CVB’s, Cities, Parks & Recreation Departments, Educational Institutions, Vendors and everything in-between, needs access to the resources and educational opportunities that can help support them through this pandemic crisis and beyond.

It is on the behalf of those organizations, that we ask for your help by making a donation to our new Member-Fund-A-Member-Campaign.

For every $100 raised, the IFEA will provide a 12-month "Welcome Back" IFEA Membership to a Member who has not been able to renew their IFEA Membership in the last year. *

Extend a supportive hand and help others see beyond their hurdles to the hope and possibilities that still lie ahead, by making a donation to the IFEA Foundation's "Member-Fund-A-Member Campaign" today.

Thank You for Your Support!

  • Help a Fellow IFEA Member Get Back on Their Feet.

  • Help Provide a Festival with Access to Important Professional Resources.

  • Help Provide an Event with Access to Critical Educational Opportunities.

  • Help an Educational Institution Support Future Event Professionals and Leaders.

  • Help Provide Vendors Important Access to our Valuable Industry Network.

  • Help CVB's & Cities Continue to Support the Festivals and Events Within Their Communities.

  • Help the IFEA Support Our Essential Global Industry!

* Eligibility Rules

  • A $100 donation will provide funds for one (1) "Welcome Back" membership for a 12-month period.
  • If donated funds are designated to fund the next eligible Organization in need, the IFEA will make the selection to "Welcome Back" a member based on those members whose membership was discontinued prior to 3/31/2021, on a historical longevity membership basis.
  • If donated funds are designated to fund the renewal of a specific Organization, the donor must list the organization and contact information for the specific organization on the donation form.
  • "Welcome Back" members will be responsible for the IFEA Membership Dues, once the "Member-Fund-A-Member" 12-month "Welcome Back" membership period is complete and they are back on stronger footing. Membership renewal rates will be at full price based on the organization’s total gross revenue (income before expenses are paid).
  • Recipients of a “Member Fund-A-Member Welcome Back” membership are only eligible to receive one (1) 12-month “Welcome Back” membership.
  • Recipient of a "Member-Fund-A-Member Welcome Back" membership must be a different Organization than that of who provided the "Member-Fund-A-Member" Donation.
  • “Member-Fund-A-Member” is not currently applicable to “New” IFEA Memberships.
  • "Member-Fund-A-Member Welcome Back" memberships have no cash refund value to the receiving member.
  • "Member-Fund-A-Member" cannot be combined with any other special, promotions or discounts.
  • Out of respect of the privacy of the donor and the recipient, we are not able to reveal "Member-Fund-A-Member" donors or "Member-Fund-A-Member Welcome Back" membership recipients.

Member-Fund-A-Member Donations Made to Date: $100

"Welcome Back" Memberships Funded to Date: 1

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