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IFEA City-Event Challenge

(Participative Team Challenge)

What could we accomplish if we pooled our expertise with that of our global peers? Here’s your opportunity to find out, to test your creative skill-set against a real-world challenge, and to spend some formal and informal time strengthening your professional network.

Participants will be divided into teams (selected randomly on Day One of the convention) and presented with a specially-selected host city challenge, to be solved using the power of events. Teams will then have the remainder of the convention (days and evenings) to meet, research, brainstorm, and plan the ultimate answer to the assigned task-at-hand.

Presentation of solutions will be on the final afternoon of the convention and judged by an impartial panel of industry and host city professionals. For a combination of fun, education, professional networking and...perhaps...bragging rights, you won’t want to miss the IFEA City-Event Challenge.

(Available to all registered Convention Attendees. No pre-sign-up required however attendance at the IFEA City-Event Project Challenge session on Day One of the Convention is required to participate. All additional preparation and work for the challenge after that session to prepare for the final presentation, will be on the participants own time. The team challenge coordinator will be available throughout the Convention to answer questions.)
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