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63rd Annual Convention, Expo & Retreat


63rd Annual IFEA Convention & Expo
Presented by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance
Location & Date TBA
We’re working hard to bring you the details of the location and date of our 63rd Annual Convention & Expo as soon as possible.
Responding to industry and attendee surveys, the IFEA is currently working to negotiate future convention locations that will provide more cost-effective lodging, travel and ground transportation alternatives for attendees, increasing access and encouraging participation by a greater number of industry professionals, volunteers, board members and others. We are also working to control the growing costs of convention facilities, meals and support functions, so as to allow us to avoid raising registration fees while directing more funding toward programming and speaker resources that will allow us to continue providing the highest quality, value and return-on-investment possible. As "The Premier Association Supporting and Enabling Festival & Event Professionals Worldwide", this is the IFEA's commitment to you.

Our annual convention dates, for the foreseeable future, will continue to fall during the months of September or October, between the end of the busy summer festival season and the beginning of the year-end holiday event, parade and Bowl Game season.


For your reference, the IFEA's 62nd Annual Convention Brochure & Schedule has been linked above.

“As a not-for-profit 501(C)6 organization, the IFEA reserves the right to refuse or cancel the registration of any individual or organizational attendee, who, at its sole discretion, may represent/display unprofessional, unlawful, unethical, unsafe, or other actions/positions deemed contrary to the best interests of the IFEA and our global industry.”
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