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Dominic Faucher

37 St-Joseph
Gatineau, QB J8Y 3V8 Canada

At Orkestra, we do not sell products and services. Consider our agency like a giant think tank full of young talents waiting for the next challenge to show up in order to have a little fun with serious businesses, and where the simple and good ideas are the fuel to effective and creative projects and events. Sure, you can come in and ask us for basically anything a traditional marketing agency would do: design, copywriting, video, strategic planning, etc.; however, we like to sit down, talk, think and challenge our clients with their requests. We aren't going to ask you what you want. We will ask you what you need to accomplish, and then, we'll try to work on something you probably never thought to get the results you want.

Email for more information or to set up a meeting at the 62nd Annual IFEA Convention, Expo & Retreat in Tucson, AZ, Sept.14-16, 2017.

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